Why am I doing an Executive Product Management Programme?

The other day, I talked on a Twitter thread about a personal habit I have; To set to myself yearly goals.

I do not consider myself a person ambitious regarding material stuff, but I think I am ambitious when we are talking about the time I spend with my loved ones (and the quality of this time), and about the purposes, I put myself in front of my professional career.

These yearly personal intentions encourage me to go out of my comfort zone. It’s a mixed thing I find between our company and my fears. During these past years, for example, I achieve (in a way or another) a few personal and professional purposes (Lambda World (I — V), LX Scala, Lambda World Seattle, or living during a while in Summer with my family in Seattle).

But this year, I had in my particular TODO list, the co-organization of Scala Days Seattle, but, you know… Sh*t Happens or better said, COVID-19 Happens, and forced ourselves to postpone our community efforts.

Although we still have incredible goals to accomplish, like our 47 Degrees Academy, and all of them are in the Product Design field. Also, conferences (like Lambda.World or Scala Days) are like products but with different branches (community, digital, physical)

So, thinking about how to improve and accomplish better those challenges, I consider that a course like this, it is going to give me two crucial tools:

Foundations to make better decisions.

It would be a great addition to have foundations based on theory, conversations, strategy, and summary up; Knowledge for doing better products.

Time to analyze those decisions.

So, ok. Where am I going to do this course?

Well, It’s going to be an exciting finish for this year and the beginning of the next one. (It’s from October to April). Can’t wait to start! 🎉

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at @47deg. A global consulting agency specializing in Functional Programming. @Lambda_World and @ScalaDays co-organizer

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