Yes, you are right, this is the kind of blog post that everyone write at the beginning at January talking about goals, I know what are you thinking… BOOORING but, mate, do you know what? I think that is a good therapy to keep in mind your goals for a while and don’t lost the focus and as David Bonilla recommend me in his newsletter, I am going recommend to you ☺️.

So, let me get you bored about the things that I want to do in this 2017 (side note, is a prime number, this is a signal!)

Yeah, a picture for this kind of post too :-)

Time of quality
This is not only about get productive, is something more about put your 150% of your mind in the thing that you are doing. It’s about take advantage of your life. Why? With so many channels for distracted always opened (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.) is complicated to cancel all the things in your mind to concentrate in the task that you are handling.
I need to know that when I am with my family, my mind is focus in enjoy that time with them and at the same way, I need to know that in my work I am pushing my soul to get my best.

Yes, you read well, and this is something related with the point 1, I realised time ago that my mind is used to work with a lot of task in parallel… And this is right? NO. For example, I can not read a book focus in the thing that I am learning because I am always thinking in hundred things. I can not give a bath to my daughter without think in the TODO for the day after… Without doubt this is a shortcoming of all of these years of high velocity.
So, I have to learn to reboot, it can be called meditation but maybe we are talking about working out (my body is send to me messages that I really need a little more of exercise. That is easy because now is zero).

Live in other city for a while
I am a lucky guy, I am part of a company that has 3 offices in different cities and countries, and I have a family that trust me and supports me. They know about my continue fight with learning English. Yes, I consider that I am now to kilometres away from the guy that I was 3 years ago but, I need an inversion in order to do the big jump. I need think in English and this is something that you get with a complete inversion.
Of course, this is not easy peasy because there are a lot of issues on the table (logistic, work, family), but for that is a goal. Now there is to start to work in it.

Lest go with something easier… Write more in this blog.
Sadly, the last (and the first) post that I wrote here was about write more. Yes, poor and optimistic Jorge… Well, as I wrote in that post, is not only write in my blog, is everything related about write and read more English (sounds familiar? yes is my personal fight)

I can writing a dozen more of things because I use to be pretty optimistic and there is many work to do (or that I wanna do) but I think that here is my straight flush.

And yours?

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