I am not the kind of person that tries to finish goals year by year (such as: going to the gym, read more, learn English… cough cough) the reason is that I am extremely optimistic and my personal “yearly goals” used to be highly complicated. I just try to focus on maintaining a continuous level of work.

However, I need a push, to improve in my English level. An evolution. I have a lot of English-speaking friends(I am a lucky man and I’m getting more and more). So far, the English that I have has served me well, I know (pretty much) how to comunicate with people and they often understood me (most of the times) but… I need to take it to the next level. I need a level that I could get the relationships with my friends to beyond where they are currently. For that, I am writing this post. I want to write a post about my life, business or foolish ideas that I have in the shower... A pretty complicated goal, isn't it? YES, I told you that I am optimistic!

And this is my personal “Hello World”

I know… Little by little, but I think that one of the most important key of learning another language is to immerse yourself into the language. A few weeks ago, I went to Lisbon (we organised over there. BTW It was awesome), and I realised that in general, the English level with the Portuguese is pretty good. What is the difference? It’s so easy that it’s frustrating for the Spanish people. These guys use to watching English TV Series and films, on TV, in English with Subtitles. Only this. WTF? This habit has taught the Portuguese minds (and ears) English language from childhood.

Then, thinking that, I am making few changes in my life (silly changes) to teach my mind to thinking-English and I wanna share with you:

  • I am social. I have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many others awesome ways to waste time. I am trying to write in everywhere in English. Seems easy eh? Try when the majority of your followers/friends are Spanish.
  • Everything in English. Software, Google searches, blog posts that I’ve read, private chats, emails and meetings (in the office). Everything in English to teach my mind to understand and doesn’t “jump”.

I called to my process of don't understand English sentences “Jump” because many times the sentence doesn’t pass through the mind and just get thrown into the recycle bin.

  • TV Series and films? In English of course. Yep, I know, this sounds easy and logical but… When you are tired from working all day, you just want to relax and think of NOTHING. And a great box of Nothing is the TV. In any case, I am trying to watch everyday a TV Serie. Right now I am with .

Furthermore, I have an US English teacher and other Britain English teacher (really? YES! and it’s awesome) that they help me, with their patience.

Anyway, I have been thinking about writing a blog, and this is only another excuse to test this hipster platform that is Medium.

See you soon! (I hope!)

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at @47deg. A global consulting agency specializing in Functional Programming. @Lambda_World and @ScalaDays co-organizer

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