The other day, I talked on a Twitter thread about a personal habit I have; To set to myself yearly goals.

I do not consider myself a person ambitious regarding material stuff, but I think I am ambitious when we are talking about the time I spend with my loved ones (and the quality of this time), and about the purposes, I put myself in front of my professional career.

These yearly personal intentions encourage me to go out of my comfort zone. It’s a mixed thing I find between our company and my fears. During these past years, for…

I am Chief Marketing officer instead Chief Product Officer

I have a personal issue (meh, it is not a real issue but I would like to share it with you, folks). I changed so many times my career in the past years and another day, talking with my dad, he asked me “Hey Jorge, what do you exactly are you doing in your company?” 🤦‍♂️. …

Lambda World is a Functional Programming conference hosted by 47 Degrees that just concluded its third year in Cadiz. In October, our events and community organizational team (myself, Maureen Elsberry, and Benjy Montoya) were overwhelmingly busy with conference preparation, but figured what’s one more thing added to our plates? In the spirit of openness, we decided to give a talk during the conference about the trials, tribulations, and successes when organizing a tech event.

You can follow the slides here, but I thought it might be easier to highlight each vital component with an article. This article in specific relates…

Yes, you are right, this is the kind of blog post that everyone write at the beginning at January talking about goals, I know what are you thinking… BOOORING but, mate, do you know what? I think that is a good therapy to keep in mind your goals for a while and don’t lost the focus and as David Bonilla recommend me in his newsletter, I am going recommend to you ☺️.

So, let me get you bored about the things that I want to do in this 2017 (side note, is a prime number, this is a signal!)

Yeah, a picture for this kind of post too :-)


I am not the kind of person that tries to finish goals year by year (such as: going to the gym, read more, learn English… cough cough) the reason is that I am extremely optimistic and my personal “yearly goals” used to be highly complicated. I just try to focus on maintaining a continuous level of work.

However, I need a push, to improve in my English level. An evolution. I have a lot of English-speaking friends(I am a lucky man and I’m getting more and more). So far, the English that I have has served me well, I know…

Jorge Galindo

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at @47deg. A global consulting agency specializing in Functional Programming. @Lambda_World and @ScalaDays co-organizer

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